Festival Atitlan

Festival Atitlan
17th of March, 10AM-12PM

Welcome to the Festival Atitlán's home on the internet! Our festival has become one of the most interesting alternative cultural events in Guatemala. We are an alternative to the usual commercial music scene, and here everyone is a star and everyone counts. Come celebrate a day of friendly family sharing in a free, peaceful, and very magical place near Santiago Atitlan close to the shores of Lake Atitlan. Festival Atitlan is a totally non profit, community organized event, and the proceeds are always donated to a local cause. We have no commercial sponsors, and the idea is to come together as a community and build an alternative world for one day. All of the artists and organizers donate their time and art for this special community event. Check out the "Things to do" Button to the left.
The music this year will be extraordinary as well. There will be a nice, eclectic mix of first rate international and national bands that will satisfy anyones taste. Things haven't been totally settled yet, but you can check out the lineup on the "Bands for 2018" page.You can purchase tickets online on the "Tickets" page.You can see details of the 2016 money trip on the Accounts page .We Just Want Peace!


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You can browse through our history with photos and music from the ten years of Festival Atitlan by checking out the "Archives" button.The proceeds for past festivals have gone to help the construction of the Hospitalito Atitlan in Santiago, as well as other projects, including our environmental education project. This year we will be donating most of the proceeds to the new Atitlan Cultural Park


Since we are a COMMUNITY event, and wish to make it fun for everyone, we need your help with the many details of producing our Festival. Find your place on the volunteer page, or invent something new!


Festival Atitlan

There are a lot of pictures and story from lots of festivals in the History section . Check out our extra curricular stuff by pressing on the "Archives" Button. If you are wondering exactly where the festival takes place, check the Getting here page. You can also get information on what's happening in 2018 on the Kids page, the Art section, and the Poetry Circle.

Coro de NiƱos de Nebaj, dancing at Festival Atitlan 2010

Putting on a Festival like this one is like building a small city for a day. You need to have everything arranged so that 1000 people have what they need and their basic necesities are well taken care of. Our thanks to all the outhouse movers, garbage cleaners, and invisible folk who make sure of this. With the experience that we have gained through the years things go pretty smoothly, , and the tecnical side is excelent thanks to Lenin Fernandez and crew.

Why we put on Festival Atitlan... a look through the years


We still have some t-shirts and posters from this and past festivals. We also have a music store where you can purchase music from the Festivals and more.Check it out:

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Festival Atitlan